Welcome to Christ Church, Belper

Please click the link below to read about current developments in the mission and ministry of Christ Church:

Inclusive Church & Stewardship flyer

And click on the picture below for the full brochure on giving to Christ Church, to enable it to continue offering its congregation and community the ministry they need:

Giving in Grace brochure

As we give in faith, below is a prayer that we may engage fully in the Stewardship campaign; acknowledging that what we are pledging to give back to the mission and ministry of the church is that which God, in his love and generosity, has given us:

Generous God,
by your grace you have given
all that we have,
and all that we are;
help us to be faithful stewards
of that which is entrusted to us;
time, talents and wealth,
and to consecrate gladly
to your service
a due proportion in gratitude
for all that you have given to us, for
Jesus Christ’s sake.